Getting Your Website Noticed

November 21, 2006
So you’ve created your first website for personal or business use and you now face a challenge; how do you get your site noticed and increase the traffic to it? While there are no easy ways and it takes some time, but here’s a few interesting (generally free) steps you can take to do so.

1-Search Engine Optimization
In order to get noticed by Search engines, make sure you have the important “META Tags” in your site’s HTML code. A meta tag simply tells a search engine important keywords your site includes. It also tells the search engine what your site is about. A Google search on META tags can introduce you to the whole world of this, but they generally look like this:

The 3 main meta tags to use for your site are shown above, “Title”, “Description” and “Keywords”. Generally you want to include as many relevant keywords as possible. These are the words that when users search for info on Google etc that will bring your site up somewhere in the listings.

2-Submit to Search Engines.
There are ALOT of these things, in fact more than most people realize. Google, Yahoo, MSN are the popular ones, but then there are alot more on the small scale (upstarts, search engines in the UK, France, etc). Start with the big 3, they are free to submit to, but probably will have the least chance of making it on their top listings. There is also a very interesting program, “Web CEO” which you can download and use on a free or payed basis. This site will allow you to enter info pertaining to your site and then choose as many search engines as you want to submit to. The program will log on and manually submit your site to all of the selected sites. Warning: many of these sites will require you to take additional action such as signing up for a newsletter, or receiving an email and clicking a link to complete the process. Make sure not to submit to too many countries which may not have use for your site’s info, especially if it is only in English.

3-Join related forums
Another free way to promote your site and get traffic, this one takes some work. You’ll need to research/find related topic sites with forums, where you can post comments (not spam!). Make sure to include a link to your site in the “signature” portion where you post. This is usually something you set up when you register, on your profile for that site.

4-Promote, Promote, Promote
Of course if your site is for a small business and you want to spread the word, promotion is essential. Include the site address on business cards, company emails, letterheads and other items. There is no shortage of “non-internet” places to promote. Be careful not to overdo it or spam.